Monday, July 10, 2006

Championship Boxing Tickets!

Since Boxing matches are conducted worldwide and to get the tickets for the fights and events you want to see, it is necessary for you to know the boxer?s schedule and information.

Popular Boxers :
Some of the names of popular Boxers are Antonio Tarver, Carlos Baldomir, Danny Williams, Henry Bruseles, Ivan Robinson, Jeff Lacy, Julio Cesar, Kevin McBride, Mickey Ward, Mike Tyson, Monte Barrett, Naseem Hamed, Robbie Peden, Robin Reid, Roy Jones and William Joppy.

Types Of Tickets :
Floor Seat : The floor seat tickets are available for the Boxing championship stadium. This seating area is also convenient for the middle aged and aged groups. The price may range from $75 -$350.

Lower Tier : The lower tier seating arrangement is bit less expensive. The ticket rate may be up to $100

Suites : You can enjoy watching boxing by booking a suites in the company of your family, friends and collogues. The cost of the ticket will be around $140.

White House: The white house tickets are little higher priced to the upper tier. This is particularly useful for the frequent viewers because of being economical in a long run. \this area is particularly not advisable for matured and disabled persons. The price of the ticket may be around $40.

Upper Tier : Upper tier tickets are the cheapest tickets, basically for the students and youngsters, who make frequent and regular spectators of these events. The ticket cost approximately $40.

Disabled/Wheel chair : A Special area is allotted for the physically disabled people. They can come directly to this area, in their wheel chairs. The ticket cost is $40 approx.

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Chavez vs Martinez Tickets will be available here for thier fight on Sept 15.


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