Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where to find the best deals on sports tickets?

Looking for sports tickets for the big game? Or searching for front row concert tickets? Online booking is most often, offers the best deal than others.

Tickets for major sports events such as NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, Championship Boxing etc are available at reasonable price ranges. The online booking is very easy and you can also check for the availability of tickets.

If you would like to attend a championship event, to see the live action, or to see a team schedule and other information, online is your best source. You can easily choose wide selection of tickets for all teams, and also get information about schedules at any time. The ticket availability is updated on hourly basis.

However, if the tickets you wish to purchase are no longer available, the ticket brokers will contact you immediately and you will be given other options or you may choose an alternative set of tickets, which we will try to offer, similar to the price range of your original order. One can enjoy discount of up to 30%, with over 200 leading on-line merchants.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Championship Boxing Tickets!

Since Boxing matches are conducted worldwide and to get the tickets for the fights and events you want to see, it is necessary for you to know the boxer?s schedule and information.

Popular Boxers :
Some of the names of popular Boxers are Antonio Tarver, Carlos Baldomir, Danny Williams, Henry Bruseles, Ivan Robinson, Jeff Lacy, Julio Cesar, Kevin McBride, Mickey Ward, Mike Tyson, Monte Barrett, Naseem Hamed, Robbie Peden, Robin Reid, Roy Jones and William Joppy.

Types Of Tickets :
Floor Seat : The floor seat tickets are available for the Boxing championship stadium. This seating area is also convenient for the middle aged and aged groups. The price may range from $75 -$350.

Lower Tier : The lower tier seating arrangement is bit less expensive. The ticket rate may be up to $100

Suites : You can enjoy watching boxing by booking a suites in the company of your family, friends and collogues. The cost of the ticket will be around $140.

White House: The white house tickets are little higher priced to the upper tier. This is particularly useful for the frequent viewers because of being economical in a long run. \this area is particularly not advisable for matured and disabled persons. The price of the ticket may be around $40.

Upper Tier : Upper tier tickets are the cheapest tickets, basically for the students and youngsters, who make frequent and regular spectators of these events. The ticket cost approximately $40.

Disabled/Wheel chair : A Special area is allotted for the physically disabled people. They can come directly to this area, in their wheel chairs. The ticket cost is $40 approx.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nascar Racing Tickets

The Time Warner Company acquired all interactive rights of NASCAR in October 2000. Now Turner sport interactive, Time Warner Company provides all information on races, drivers and events. Since NASCAR racing is very popular, it is difficult to get hold of tickets. Yet the following guidelines will help you buy the tickets easily.

Tips For Getting The Ticket :
Before buying a ticket you should know some details about the NASCAR race events. Such as name of the race, track, the team and the schedule.

Select a Series : Select the series of the race. Such as Nextel Cup, Busch and Craftsman

TruckRace Tracks : Some popular NASCAR Race tracks are Atlanta Motor, Darlington Raceway Daytona, Dover, Kansas New Hampshire Int?l, Phoenix International North Carolina and Richmon Speedways etc.

Petty family Grandstand :
This ticket is meant for families only. One child in the age group of 12 plus must accompany with the adult and one younger than that will be admitted freely. The ticket may be around $35. Non

Week End Tickets :
Nextel cup series is the biggest non-weekend sport event in the city. The ticket price may range from $40 onwards.

Discount Package :
You can avail this 3 day saver ticket package and get the opportunity to watch the defending race champion Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon and the other NASCAR Nextel cup drivers.

Unreserved Champions Grandstand Ticket :
Get this ticket for some races like Craftsman Truck and watch from the Petty grandstands. Pre-race

Pit Pass :
Get this ticket available for Friday only. The NASCAR Nextel cup practice session will be thrilling. The price will be around $70. Fans under 14 years are not allowed inside.

Camping Tickets :
Camping tickets can be availed. The camping general area will be 20 x 40.The cost will range from $40 to $150.

Suite Pass :
For the weekend events, suite passes are available. You can view the race in the comfort of a suite, with your family. You will be provided with tastier buffet and television facility. The prices for Sunday tickets are slightly higher.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PGA Golf Tickets

PGA was founded in1916, in America. A group of New York area golf professionals and some others gathered at a luncheon at Taplow club to discuss about the starting of a national organization to promote golf. PGA was the result of that gathering. It is the largest organization in the world for promoting Golf all over the world. PGA is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

PGA Championship :

The following championship games are conducted by the PGA. 2006 - Senior PGA Championship, PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, PGA Grand Slam of Golf, 2007 - Senior PGA Championship & 2008 - PGA Championship.

PGA Golf Tickets:

Trophy Club Ticket
The trophy tickets are available for each day of the Championship. With this ticket, comfortable seating with television facility is offered. The total price is around $200.

Season Grounds Ticket
You can get this ticket which is available in seven individual tickets. You can use the tickets for each day of the Championship. Food and beverages are available for purchase. The price will be around $90.

Daily Practice Tickets :
You have the privilege to attend the daily practice rounds. On such occasion you can take photos and autographs from the player, you like. The price is approx. $10.

Daily/ Thursday/ Friday/Saturday Tickets :
You can also get the tickets for Thursday, Friday and Saturday first round, second round and third round championship. The price will range from $10 to $40.

PGA Ticketing Centre :
It is the Exclusive agent for the sale of all PGA events. If you buy PGA golf tickets from the unauthorized agents the PGA will not take the responsibility and no guarantee for admittance.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

National Hockey League NHL Hockey Tickets

National Hockey League, NHL is a world famous Hockey League. All the team of NHL uses the marks and logos of this organization. The Canadian national hockey team was honored because of their National player, Richard, who won the Stanley cup, Conn Smythe Trophy and a world cup for them.

Season Tickets :
Each team has introduced some type of sports tickets. The season ticket buyers are offered lower prices. Priority accesses to the great locations are also available for them as well. Some times on special occasions, season ticket holders are allowed free entry.

Benefits For Holders :
  • Complimentary ticket for 3 or 4 persons.
  • Online account management
  • No interest charged
  • Discount on selected shopping

Special Day Plan :
For some of the games, there are few priorities offers to the viewers. It may include 3 or 4 games. You can avail the tickets on priority basis.

Holiday Plan :
Special holiday pricing is available for you to enjoy at the reasonable price. The price ranges from $100 to $300.

Flexible Ticket :
A batch of 10 ticket vouchers can be used for the one year regular season. You can use 2 or more tickets for 3 or 4 games, as per your choice.

Half-Season Ticket :
Apart from the peak season, you can buy the half season tickets at cheaper rates, with a discount of $2 to $6. You have the option to play-off the tickets. You may also get the bonus tickets as well.

Group Tickets :
You can buy Group tickets to share the joy, of watching hockey with family, friends, co-workers, and clients. When you buy these tickets you are also offered concession for food vouchers and pre-game Banquet events.

Suites and Banquets :
You can reserve, for the suites and Banquets with all inclusive, for a day or event basis. You will be given option to select from 20 to 60 people and your group name will be seen on the score board.

Family Nights :
If you avail this ticket, you will be given 2 complimentary tickets for your children.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MLB Baseball Tickets

The base ball game started in 1845 and played among different kinds of leagues and players. The Major League Baseball or MLB, involve World Series, National League, Division Series, League Championship series and all star games.

Major Teams :
  • The American league and the National league are the two major teams in the league. American league, East: The teams are Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Toronto Blue Jays etc.
  • National League, East : consists of Atlanta Braves, Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies etc.
  • Types of Tickets : There are different types of MLB tickets available; such as season ticket, group ticket, Spring Training tickets, regular season, play of tickets and World Series tickets.
  • Tickets for Special games : Some of the MLB tickets available for; Angels, Athletics, Blue Jays, Devil Rays, Indians, Mariners, Orioles, Rangers, Red Sox, Royals, Tigers, Twins, White Sox and Yankees.
  • Season Tickets : If you buy the season ticket, you can get some discount as well.
  • Group Tickets : This is good for large groups. Fifty or more members can get a concession of $1.00 per box.
  • Spring Training Tickets : You can buy these tickets for Twins home games at Hammond stadium to see the teams in training.

How to Purchase Tickets?
You can buy your individual tickets for single games now. You can buy the tickets over the phone or in person, at the counter, Mail and Fax : You also have the option to get the ticket through mail and fax but you have to pay for the handling charges. Online purchase : When you buy the tickets online, you can pay by your Master, Visa or American express Card etc. Online is best way to buy for discounts and offers. Cost of each type of seating is Box $14/ Reserved $12/ General $7 Lawn; Seating $8 to $ 25 for Upper Box.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NFL Football Tickets

NFL, a well organized leading Association since 1924. It is very difficult to get tickets for the hottest events because huge demand for these tickets has created a heavy shortage of such tickets.

How To Get NFL Tickets?
You can get the chance to see the rising stars, by reserving your tickets early. All you need to know is the details of the sports date, time, venue, sporting team etc and decide yourself, which game you want the ticket for. The following tips will help you to reserve the ticket in advance.

Criteria For Selection :
You can select the sport by day, date, time and team. There are mainly two divisions namely Eastern and Western which consists of Atlantic, Central, South east and Northwest, Pacific and Southwest respectively. Atlantic has Boston Celtics, New Jersey Nets, and Toronto Raptors; pacific consists of Golden State warriors, Los Angeles Chipper etc.Types Of Tickets Available :
There are many types of tickets available, such as Season tickets, Flex tickets, Discount tickets, Premium Seating and Special Events. You can also avail Luxury box, club seats and other premium seating options, they are charged separately.

Season Ticket :
Season tickets come with various gifts and incentives.

Group Tickets :
Group tickets or discount tickets are available if you have a minimum of 20 persons as a group.

Flexible Tickets :
This ticket package will have 10 vouchers and you can use this ticket for any game during 2005-06. No service charge is applicable for these tickets. You have the option to purchase play off tickets. Tickets can also be sent as gifts to your friends, co-workers, family members and others.

6-Game Tickets :
You can choose from 3 different plans, such as 6 Game Friday Plan, 6 Game Saturday Plan, 6Game Weekly Plan. Same seats are allotted for every game.

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